Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Much to our disappointment the 2020 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival has been canceled.   With the spread of the Coronavirus, the decision was made in the public best interest.   Hopefully next year we will be able to attend.       

2019 Festival    DAY 1

It’s that time of year and our Maryland Sheep and Wool trip has begun. We left home bright and early this morning and hit the road. We were supposed to leave by 5:00 am, but Dad forgot his medicine so we didn’t actually leave until around 5:30.

The drive through Kentucky was mostly uneventful until a rouge “mosquito” got loose in the car. Dad was determined to put an end to the mosquito…there was only some slight car swerving. Eventually we determined that it was actually a mayfly and managed to get it out of a window with no harm done. Mom slept through the entire ordeal.

Our first stop was in West Virginia so that the kid’s friend PiggyWig could get his picture taken and we could get some breakfast.

Our main stop for the day was to look at some Shetland Sheep in Pennsylvania.

PiggyWig has had a long day.

We finished out our long day in Frederick, MD with a trip to Black Hog BBQ.


For our first full day in the area we decided to visit the Gettysburg battlefield. We arrived when the park opened, watched the video, viewed the cyclorama, toured the museum, and then toured the actual battlefield. We played a self guided audio tour in the car that was supposed to take 2.5 hours. We got out of the car to look around at most of the stops. The tour ended up taking us 5.5 hours. We learned a lot about the battle and the people involved. The most surprising part was how the whole story and location affected us emotionally. 

Dad at Pickett’s Charge


Maryland Sheep and Wool!

We arrived at the show early and were in line a half hour before the gates even opened. Before leaving KY we received a request to bring along a fleece from a potential buyer who was also attending the show. We met in the parking lot and had sold the fleece before we even went inside. 

One small section of the parking lot around mid-day.

We didn’t take many pictures, but had a great time at the festival. Dad stayed in the sheep barn watching the show most of the day. Mom and I shopped, tasted lamb and sheep’s milk cheese, looked at exhibits, and attended the used equipment auction. We didn’t buy any equipment this year, prices were over our spending limit.

PiggyWig had a great day! He even got to meet royalty, the MD Lamb and Wool Queen and Princess.


For a better look at the show, I recommend watching THIS VIDEO. If you pay attention, you might even see two people you know sitting in the audience at the auction.  

We had a great time, shopping, meeting up with friends, and seeing all of the sheep and wool. My only purchase for the was some Ms. Babs yarn.

We got to see some friends from North Carolina.


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  1. Marian C. says:

    Well done. Spring is a great time to travel.

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