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Hello and Welcome to Morgan Farms!  We are located in Frankfort, Kentucky where we raise Shetland and Jacob sheep.  In addition to sheep, we also raise a very large garden, laying hens, and honeybees.  There is never a dull moment on the farm.  Please feel free to take a look around!

May 8, 2021   Garden is growing well.   We have lots of tomatoes and peppers that hopefully can go out soon.  Currently we are enjoying salads and asparagus from the garden.

IMG_5008     IMG_5009

April 21, 2021   SNOW –   can’t believe it!   Our poor crab apple tree and weeping cherry.

20210421_081156 20210421_063655

April 12, 2021.   Today was a beautiful day.  The bottle lambs came out to play and get some much needed sunshine!


April 9, 2021    Faith has certainly come a long way.    Her eyes are open and she is standing.   We brought her out into the yard for some sunshine.


April 5, 2021   Faith moved in with Finn today.   She is taking a bottle now and getting a bit stronger.


April 3, 2021    We had twin Jacobs born today but one was a tiny preemie.   All 3 1/2 lbs of her.    Her mama tried to get her to stand but she was just too tiny and weak.    We have named her Faith.  She also has not opened her eyes.


April 2, 2021    Lambing is in full swing!!   So many babies.    This year we have a bottle baby, Finn.   He got away from his mother shortly after birth and then she rejected him.   So…. he is a now a spoiled baby and love to follow Anna Claire around.

20210402_185414 20210405_082954

March 5, 2021     Morgan Farms products are now available at Lopez Land Farmers Market.   This will be a local venue offering local (as is within 20 mile radius) products; honey, eggs, baked goods, meats and crafts.    Offerings will continue to increase and change as summer produce arrives.     We offer honey, eggs, dryer balls and wool felted soap.    The soap is locally made by Dove Ridge Farm.  This is probably one of the best hand- crafted soaps around.  We have partnered with them for our wool felted soap.  Dove Ridge Farm can be found on Facebook.

20210305_161000 20210211_130642

March 3, 2021      Lots of rain and the KY River in Frankfort overflowed its banks.   People like us drove into town just to look at all the water.

This is River View Park and the bridges that span the river leading into downtown Frankfort.

February 11, 2021     A year ago lots of rain and mud (photo below).    Overnight we had a ice storm.  Pretty to look at but hard on the trees.

20210211_101329 20210211_081616

January 24, 2021

The garden seeds have arrived.   Actually just waiting on a few more!


January 22, 2021

Today the raised beds got a little maintenance and the plastic cover on on bed.


January 18, 2021

Anna Claire and Ethan started their 4H ham project today.   Great program as they learn how to cure a ham.

20210118_110321 20210118_110330

Ethan likes to help out around the farm.   We call him our ‘farmer in training’.


For the past few weeks it has been rainy and gloomy.   This week is no exception.   More rain is in the forecast.   This is what most of the yard and lots around the barn look like.

February 11, 2020