Farm Blog

Hello and Welcome to Morgan Farms!  We are located in Frankfort, Kentucky where we raise Shetland and Jacob sheep.  In addition to sheep, we also raise a very large garden, laying hens, and honeybees.  There is never a dull moment on the farm.  Please feel free to take a look around!

Shearing has begun!

We have started shearing the pregnant ewes.  They are always the first to be sheared prior to lambing.   Phillip does our shearing.  Andy (llama) is watching to make sure all is done correctly.  Phillip shears on a stand.  Its much easier on his back.    It also helps me with skirting the fleece as most of the tag wool is already off when I get it.  


Skirting a fleece.  Skirting is basically removing any undesirable wool or other material.




The ewes waiting their turn.  




February is Kentucky Lamb Month. We were asked to make a short video about our sheep and the products we offer. Each week a farmer and recipes are highlighted. This is from the KY Sheep and Wool Producers Association.