The weeks are flying by!  The garden now looks good thanks to the recent rains.   We went for couple of weeks with no rain and had to water the plants.   Its just not the same as rain but at least kept the plants alive.   Canning has started!  20200805_141138




We finally have the garden planted.   All the transplants and seeds are in the ground.   Of course we had a little help.




Well it May 6 and we are still waiting to plant flowers and vegetable transplants.   The garage is full with about 15 flats.   I put the outside on sunny warm days but we are not out of danger of frost.   This weekend record lows are predicted for the weekend.


The spring flowers and trees have been beautiful this year.



Finally the weather has cooperated and we were able to start planting the garden.  Aaron and the grandkids helped out.   We planted lots of lettuce, greens, onions, peas, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and carrots.    The asparagus beds were weeded and the first shoots have appeared.  We discovered a nesting pair of bluebirds, the kids dug worms to feed the chickens and even found a frog….poor little frog.

20200404_114353 20200406_113519 (1)

We are anxious for spring and to start the garden.   I ordered seed but it is so rainy and muddy it will be a while before we can plant.


Anna Claire received a terrarium kit from Karen for Christmas.    She and Ethan have enjoyed watching the seed sprout and the roots grow.


While not necessarily part of the garden, our freezers also hold our meat.   the lamb we eat is of course our own.   Pork, we purchase hogs from local FFA students that raised them as a project.   We recently stocked the freezer with beef.   It was raised by our neighbor and the meat is wonderful.  We also got the bones for making stock.   Nothing can beat the flavor of locally farm raised meat.