We are very proud of our Shetland flock.  We love the diversity found within the breed patterns, markings, and fleece types. Each new lamb is a surprise. Our goal is to keep as much diversity in our flock as possible.


In the fall of 2020, Morgan Farms Derek was  one of sires.   Derek has a wonderful soft, long crimpy fleece.   We are looking forward to his lambs .

Morgan Farms Derek


In the summer of 2019 we bought a new ram, Twin Springs Dorian Gray.   It was time for new genetics to hopefully add diversity in our fleeces and colors to our flock.   Dorian is polled (no horns) which is a first for us.  He carries both horned and polled genes so his offspring may have horns.

Twin Springs Dorian Gray


Past Flock Sire

This is Jinx.   He was our flock sire beginning in  2015.   Jinx has a pretty spotted face which sometimes shows up in his lambs.   He has wonderful horns and a long wavy fleece.  We have several of his daughters in our flock.  In the Spring of 2020 Jinx moved to a new flock in Southern Kentucky.

Midsummer Jinx


One of our prior flock sires was Midsummer Rufus.   In the fall of 2019, Rufus moved on to a new home and flock in Pennsylvania.   Rufus had a great musket color fleece.

Midsummer Rufus

Rufus for MeWe

Our Flock