Jacob Sheep

We purchased our first Jacob sheep in 2014. They are a wonderful breed. These sheep are super hardy, good mothers and have wonderful fleece. We have both 2 and 4 horn sheep and also some lilac carriers.

Cove Fields Aris x Cove Fields Sawyer – R/E


Our Flock Sires

Northwinds Bonita’s Blake is our newest sire.    



Patchwork Coltrane joined us in 2020.    He has a super fleece, nice personality and great horns.



Our past Jacob flock sires.

In the fall of 2021, Meridian Gold Rush, had a layover at our farm from about a month while waiting to move on to his new home in Georgia.   He has great horns, fleece and conformation.   



This is Cove Fields Sawyer.   He was our main sire through 2018 –  2021 lambing.    Sawyer  produced very very nice lambs with great fleece.  He had beautiful horns.

20200106_144905 (1)


Armstrong’s Logan 


Springrock Spectacles