Jacob Sheep

We purchased our first Jacob sheep in 2014. They are a wonderful breed. These sheep are super hardy, good mothers and have wonderful fleece. We have both 2 and 4 horn sheep and also some lilac carriers.

Cove Fields Aris x Cove Fields Sawyer – R/E


Our Flock Sires

In the fall of 2021, Meridian Gold Rush, had a layover at our farm from about a month while waiting to move on to his new home in Georgia.   Hopefully he has sired a few offsprings.   He has great horns, fleece and conformation.  




Patchwork Coltrane joined us in 2020.    He has a super fleece, nice personality and great horns.



Our past Jacob flock sires.

This is Cove Fields Sawyer.   He was our main sire through 2018 –  2021 lambing.    Sawyer  produced very very nice lambs with great fleece.  He had beautiful horns.

20200106_144905 (1)


Armstrong’s Logan 


Springrock Spectacles