Jacob Sheep

2020 Jacob lambs are now for sale.   Weening will start around the last week of May.    As the lambs grow we will evaluate them to make sure they meet the Jacob breed standards.    We are beginning to update the photos.    Over the next few weeks the photos will change and hopefully get better.    Contact us if you have any questions.


#2001 Eric – 2 horn ram ( For Sale) –  Wiggle Hill Ingrid X Armstrong’s Logan


#2007 Espresso 4 horn ram (Reserved) –  Cove Fields Spice X Armstrong’s Logan



#2008 Emeline 4 horn ewe  (On Hold ) & #2009 Emile 2 horn ram (For Sale)           – Morgan Farms Celeste X Armstrong’s Logan 

IMG_4094 IMG_4092


#2012 Evelyn 4 horn (lilac) ewe (On Hold )  &  #2013 Everett 4 horn ram (For Sale)     Cove Fields Sayward X Cove Fields Sawyer

Evelyn 1 5-17 IMG_4095


#2025 Eli 2 horn ram  (For Sale)  – Morgan Farms Adalida x Cove Fields Sawyer



#2027 Elwyn 4 horn (lilac) ewe – (Reserved)   –  Sweetgrass Catrin 2 x Cove Fields Sawyer




This is Cove Fields Sawyer.   He is our current primary Jacob sire.   Sawyer has produced very nice lambs with great fleece.  He has beautiful horns.

20200106_144905 (1)


20200106_144845 (1)


In 2019 we purchased a young Jacob ram from New York.   This is Armstrong’s Logan.   He is the son of Armstrong’s Floyd and his dam is descended from Kinleigh’s Casanova.   Both rams that we really like.




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