Bees and Chickens and Andy!

Along with the sheep we have Honey Bees and Chickens.    The bees help pollinate the garden and flowers.  The chickens help with insect pests along with providing plenty of eggs.   Our products are also available at Lopez Land Farmers Market.


We have had a hive of bees for several years.    Each year getting enough honey to supply the family and some to sell.      If you are interested in purchasing honey please contact us.   For the second year in a row we caught a bee swarm.   This one was in our neighbors yard.

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We have been watching the hives pretty close this spring.   Phillip has supplied the bees a little fructose as a boost just in case a weaker hive needed early Spring food.



Our chicken flock consists of multiple breeds that are often allowed to roam the farm. They produce wonderful brown eggs which a rich golden yolk.

This spring with the virus our eggs have been quite popular.   Sometimes folks just want to avoid a big store others just like the taste.

We do sell eggs locally to the Frankfort, KY area.  Feel free to reach out if you are interested in purchasing eggs.

Anxiously awaiting spring

After the garden was turned the hens took advantage of the fresh supply of worms.



I realized that no where on the site was any mention of Andy!   Andy is our guard llama.   He does a wonderful job protecting our sheep.    While not necessarily a pet…. he is far from wild.    Curious by nature he is always on guard.   Sometimes he will put the ewes in the barn if he senses something is amiss.     Lambs like to stay with him for protection and will walk underneath him.