Our other farm animals


Introducing Linus!

Linus is the newest addition to the farm.    He is a beautiful young llama.   We felt we needed to add another llama as a guard for the sheep.   After searching for quite a while we found Linus.   He is sweet natured, curious and loves attention.   Not to mention that he nibbles on my shirt.   The grandkids adore him.    We have taken him to a couple of local events and he gets lots of attention.  

20220903_145506  20220904_081043



Along with the sheep we have Honey Bees and Chickens.    The bees help pollinate the garden and flowers.  The chickens help with insect pests along with providing plenty of eggs.  


We have had a hive of bees for several years.    Each year getting enough honey to supply the family and some to sell.      If you are interested in purchasing honey please contact us.    Most years we manage to catch a swarm of bees.  This year we have a first…. bees moved into our garage.  Phillip had stored hive boxes in the garage.   One swarm decided to move right in… AirBee&Bee!

20220423_181516    20220423_190422




Our chicken flock consists of multiple breeds that are often allowed to roam the farm. They produce wonderful brown eggs which a rich golden yolk.

We do sell eggs locally to the Frankfort, KY area.  Feel free to reach out if you are interested in purchasing eggs.




This spring we purchased few new chicks, Swedish Flower, Buckeye, and Erimettes.  Looking forward to seeing their colors as they grow.  



I realized that nowhere on the site was any mention of Andy!   Andy is our guard llama.   He does a wonderful job protecting our sheep.    While not necessarily a pet…. he is far from wild.    Curious by nature he is always on guard.   Sometimes he will put the ewes in the barn if he senses something is amiss.     Lambs like to stay with him for protection and will walk underneath him.


Andy likes to have his photo taken!

Chesney and Sally

And of course, we have a couple of farm dogs. Chesney , a mixed breed, and Sally, English Shepherd. They watch over the farm.