It seems like we have way too many projects at any given time to list. Karen is always knitting, crocheting or working with our fiber to list in her Etsy shop. As winter comes Phillip is usually working on something in his wood shop.

I have been trying out natural dyes for the past couple of year. My early experiments were surprising to me. I used the dyed fiber in braided rugs and in the felted soap. This fall I tried goldenrod and black walnut.

These were some of the first trails I completed. These were dyed with Logwood, Marigold, Osage Orange, Indigo, and Quebracho.

The left one dyed with only goldenrod. The right is dyed with goldenrod and modified with iron.

The left with black walnut only. The right with black walnut modified with iron.

Dryer balls and felted soap are always available at events.    Soap is made handmade locally and available in a variety of scents.


One of Phillip’s projects is a raddle for Karen’s loom.   It helps keep the warp threads separated.   He also makes Nostipines and Shuttles that we sell at fiber events. 



Anna Claire is learning to weave by making pot holders.  She likes to craft and since others were weaving she wanted to as well.   She sold some of her items at the KY Fiber Festival.


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