Dryer balls and felted handmade soap will be available at the Ky Fiber Festival.    The soap is made by a friend that lives near us.   She renders her own tallow and adds various scents.   The soap is wonderful.   It is some of the best handmade soap I have come across.   Scents include, lavender, lemongrass, birch wood, bourbon, peppermint just to name a few.   Dryer ball help with drying time and static in the dryer.


Phillip’s newest project is a raddle for Karen’s loom.   It help keep the warp threads separated.


Anna Claire is learning to weave by making pot holders.  She likes to craft and since others were weaving she wanted to as well.


Christmas Eve Karen and I warped my rigid header table loom.    She gave me a kit for cotton kitchen towels.


My Christmas present from Phillip.    A walnut blending board complete with two walnut dowels for removing the fiber.    He also made a walnut shuttles for looms.   These will be available at the KY Fiber Festival.


In the fall Karen got a new toy.    We are all very excited to see what come from it.


This winter Karen has made an Infinity scarf for Anna Claire.  Anna Claire picked out the fiber while we were in Michigan.  Karen spun the yarn and crocheted it.  Anna Claire is probably the only 3rd grader such a scarf made from wool, angora and silk!



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