Winter Projects

Karen finished my sweater it is amazing.   The fiber is from “Beau”.  Shetland fiber has been promoted as being fine enough to be drawn through a wedding ring.   Well sure enough Karen spun this just that fine!

20200223_113225          20200223_113410

This winter Karen has made an Infinity scarf for Anna Claire.  Anna Claire picked out the fiber while we were in Michigan.  Karen spun the yarn and crocheted it.  Anna Claire is probably the only 3rd grader such a scarf made from wool, angora and silk!



Another project of Karen’s is a sweater she is making for me.   It is made from one of our Shetland fleece.   This is a photo of it still in the working stage, parts not even attached.   The sweater is very lacy,  super light weight and very soft.  If you look close you can see a pair of socks that she is repairing for Aaron.  On the right side in the floor you can see her rabbit, Fergus.



Sheryl has been experimenting with natural dyes using Jacob fleece.    This is a group of different blues from an Indigo dye bath.



She also used marigold and quebracho to make the yellow and pink.  Again using Jacob fleece.  These are laying on top of some natural Jacob fiber.



One of Karen’s gifts for Christmas was a yarn “swift”.   It makes it much easier for her to put yarn into skeins.

Resized_20200118_174458 (1)

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