Farm Life

Like all farms some days are busier than others. Most days are not necessarily eventful but there is usually something going on always.

Karen and I recently taught an Introduction to Natural Dyeing at our local Extension Office. It was very informal with lots of discussion about dyeing. Hopefully some in attendance were motivated to try it for themselves.

Just before the rain and really cold temperatures arrived, we picked the last of the peppers and the butterbeans. That is a first… picking beans so late in the year.

The last of the summer roses, blooming in November.

Since we have an abundance of peppers, Phillip smoked Poblano peppers. I chopped and canned them. These peppers make a wonderful addition to chili, soups or other dishes that need a touch of smoke and heat.

Some of the sheep enjoy Halloween pumpkins. Christine seems to like this one. Locally grown and donated by a neighbor.

Fall is officially here. Time to play in the leaves.

We had lots of help getting straw into the loft. Sally even jumped into the loft to help supervise.

Most years it tomatoes that are super productive. This year it is peppers. We have dried, canned, pickled and stuffed pepper. Not to mention the ones that have been grilled, roasted and given away.

This summer we took lambs and Linus to the local Farmers Market and to a local elementary school. It helps introduce farm animals to the public.

Our hay is grown by a neighbor. He is so good to us. He delivers and helps up put it in the loft.

Most very year the grandkids have shown sheep at out county fair. This year we were unable to participate. However, Ethan did manage to still be involved by handing out ribbons.

Karen was asked to come to the county fair and have a display of fibers and spinning.

Their faces are happier when they are eating corn on the cob!!

Chesney takes defending the farm very serious… no birds, ground hogs or squirrels allowed!

Early summer Andy had to get his yearly shearing.

Sally loves baby lambs. She always helps look after the orphaned lambs.

Someone enjoying a nap!!!

This little fellow was so tiny. He is a triplet and so tiny that he walks through the bars of the gate. The metal piece in front of him is what we used at night to keep him in .

Happy Easter! Ukranian Easter Eggs have a special meaning for us!!

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