Jacob Breeders AGM 2022

It has been announced that the 2022 will be in person after at two year break.  This year the event will be held in Marshall, NC.   Several breeders, including us, are making plans to attend.

The 2020 AGM was planned to be in North Carolina but canceled due to Covid.    The event was held virtually and still managed to have the raffle.  We donated a gift bag with KY products and Morgan Farms honey.


In July 2019, we attended the Jacob Breeders Annual General Meeting in Wooster, Ohio. As usual we took the whole crew. It was of the most hot and humid shows we’ve ever been too! But even with the heat we managed to have a good show. We won first place flock.


We also picked up Armstrong’s Logan while at the show. We are excited to be adding a new ram to our flock.


We bought a new yearling ewe, Sweetgrass’ Catrin , while at AGM. She placed first in her class.


Karen made a shawl and felted purse out of our homegrown Jacob wool. Anna Claire modeled the pieces in a “make it with wool” class and won first place.


Ethan won first place in the late born ram lamb class with Dill who now has a new home in Tennessee.


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