We are looking forward to our lambs this year.   We had two breeding groups of each breed.  Hopefully we will get beautiful lambs.   Lambs are “like a box of chocolates.. never know what you are going to get”.  For us its wait and see the, patterns, spots and horns.

This week we have had 10 more born.    2 Shetland and 8 Jacob lambs.   The barn is literally ‘hopping’.    Its hard to get good photos as we keep each mom and her babies in a small pen for a few days.  The mothers are very protective.

20200321_131859  20200320_155745


20200320_155828    Resized_20200321_131726


Meet our first lamb, Eric (Wiggle Hill Ingrid x Armstrong’s Logan).   He is a big boy.  Ingrid is a wonderful mother.






If you are interested in buying lambs please take a look at either the specific breed pages or the For Sale page.

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